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0.4 Economy update

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  • added new city map - Red Mesa; (SG)



  • in quest “Operation: Roadrunner” it is now required not only to kill roadrunners but to use crafted bow for that; (KB)

  • possibility of fighting Zeus was restored and dialogue with him after the win was fixed; (KB)



  • added new items in cooking and farming tree. Already existing ones were updated; (KP) (SG)

  • added glass to blacksmithing tree; (SG)

  • market was added in building tree; (SG)



  • new farming system has been introduced: (TM) (MZ) (BD)

    • plants have now new models and their growing looks more natural and smooth thanks to new shader;

    • each plant will be described by set of statistics affecting its development;

    • each species of plants will differ from each other by the given values:

      • grow speed;

      • tolerance to pesticides;

      • range of optimal hydration;

      • periods of increased disease susceptibility;

      • seasonality of plants;

    • health of the plants will be affected by:

      • hydration - each plant has its optimum hydration range, which, if not maintained, negatively affects its development;

      • diseases - plant can get ill up to 2 times in the course of its growth. Lack of rapid reaction causes great damage;

      • insects - plant may 4 times in its growth be the target of insect attack. Its lesser threat than disease;

      • diseases and insects can be tackled with a new type of object in the game: pesticides (animal ones for insects and plant for diseases);

    • growth will be affected by:

      • plants health

      • soil quality (which can be fertilized);

  • markets were added: (KB) (TM)

    • a marketplace object may be placed only in the city by a person with appropriate permissions in the organization;

    • market allows you to put 200 stacks of items in it and each level of the city entitles you to place another market;

    • offer duration is between 24 and 72 hours, depending on the player's choice;

    • unsold items are transferred to the deposit, the same applies to the items purchased;

    • it is possible to view announcements posted in all cities but player need to go to the city where the item is in order to purchase it;

    • ads can be filtered to get the most accurate results:

      • by name:

        • placing an * replaces any string, eg, entering a M* phrase will return items such as an Manioc or Minigun;

        • putting the word in quotation marks restricts the search to the given phrase eg "axe" will return only items with this name, will not show items "reinforced axe", "combat axe", etc.;

        • if you add - before the word, items with that word in the name will be excluded, eg: -pointy axe will return all axes, but only those that do not have word pointy in the name;

        • by separating phrases with words OR you can use several search queries simultaneously, for example: ore-silver or tin will show all ore and tin but the results will be reduced by the ore of silver;

      • price range, type of item and city in which they are for sale;

    • filtered results can be sorted by name, quantity, price and time left;

  • new state system was created: (KB) (SG)

    • from now states have their strength, uptime and they can affect character statistics;

    • most of crafted food from cooking has been updated to give buffs;


Bug fixes:

  • declaring a war cost now appropriate amount of City Coins (3); (TM)

  • names of attacked objects are now displayed in correct language version; (TM)

  • name of key needed in order to open military chest is now displayed in correct language version; (TM)

  • fixed desynchronization; which occurred when one of the players used a ranged weapon; (FM)

  • fixed bugs with timers; (KB)

  • fixed bug with missing text on info window’s button; (TM)

  • fixed the way ragdoll was working when player was in or under water; (FM)

  • fixed an issue with incorrect display of respawn timer after death caused by finishing move; (FM)

  • from now on it will be easier to interact with character that is stunned on object build by players; (FM)

  • fixed bug with objects not rendering after moving from the shelter to the Lost Highway; (FM)

  • messages such as "not enough energy" or "lack of resources" will no longer queue up one behind the other if their content is the same; (FM)



  • changed animation of unseathing most of the weapon by the player; (FM)

  • new animations for holding firearms were added; (FM)

  • added rubbing of character clothes while moving; (FM)

  • improved loading of icons; (FM)

  • player no longer will be visible to others until entire level is loaded; (FM)

  • knuckle-dusters or claws should appear in both hands after equipped; (FM)

  • first phase of game optimization has been completed: (FM)

    • resources will be loaded when needed in the game, so everything will be enabled much faster;

    • much less RAM will be used;

    • player’s weapons will be loaded asynchronously, meaning they do not freeze the game when equipped. However, models won’t appear on the player immediately;

  • PDA window has been redesigned and enhanced with new features: (TM) (AR) (KB)

    • added a quest log that allows you to preview all current and completed tasks, with their descriptions;

    • added a list of tutorials available in the game so that players will have access to them at any time;

    • added list of organizations;

  • UI modifications and fixes: (TM) (AR)

    • refreshed windows graphics;

    • standardized dimension and style of individual elements (headings);

    • from now players can move items from inventory to container using drag and drop;

    • loading screen window was refreshed;

  • added possibility to assign own keybinds. This option is available in the control settings; (TM)

  • accelerated animations of slide, roll and dodge; (FM)

  • tested in our developer environment, the initial loading of the game (to the main menu) is now 4-6 times faster, and uses much less RAM memory. Slightly more than half of the resources has been optimized. Computers with large amounts of memory should not consume more than 7GB RAM, when prior to optimization this number could reach up to 11GB. Additionally, in the near future, full level streaming will be added, which will further reduce memory consumption and significantly speed up map loading; (FM)

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