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  1. Caduryn added a post in a topic City Coins   

    Hm... no Post edit?
    Anyway, question solved, its 24h after completing the 1. Quest.
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  2. Caduryn added a topic in Bugs   

    Arrow Keys movement and Chat
    When using Arrow Keys to move you also switch through what you have typed in Chat.
    That should not happen or only happen if you have Chat active (pressed Enter Key to type)
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  3. Caduryn added a post in a topic Edengrad - How to chop down a tree   

    Is there any difference between regular Axes and Hatchets?
    From the Name i would guess a Hatchet is superior for cutting Trees as example because better Outcome.
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  4. Caduryn added a post in a topic City Coins   

    They will fix it or they already fixed it...?
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  5. Caduryn added a post in a topic City Coins   

    Is the daily Quest from Bob still bugged?
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