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  1. Jericho Stryker added a post in a topic Implement Day and night time cycle!   

    I can not speak on the behalf of the development team, however this seems like a likely addition.

    Boasting the taglines;
    "Edengrad is an advanced MMO" and "Players have actual influence on Edengrad’s development process"
    I feel it's reasonable to expect a Day/Night Cycle and even non-conventional weather such as electrical storms or acid rain.

    This being said though, whilst having an impact on the game I wouldn't expect them anytime soon as the game has a lot of it's core unfinished.
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  2. Jericho Stryker added an answer to a question Hardcore or casual?   

    A progressive balance, would be best. 
    Primarily easier quest lines around the opening Shelter and increasing more difficult the further you travel into the wasteland away from civilization.
    Some exceptions to keep things interesting, and multiple hidden quests, or roaming people of interest i.e merchants are always great as it encourages exploration.
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  3. Jericho Stryker added a post in a topic Got stuck - cannot move   

    Have you tried the Unstuck Command?
    Press "Enter" and type "/unstuck" into the chat window, once you confirm it by posting the command like any other message it'll being the 60 Second Countdown to relocate your character to the nearest spawn point. 
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  4. Jericho Stryker added a topic in Bugs   

    "Doubled Recipe for Quality Plank.." Error Message.

    I'm experiencing a bug with the skill unlock system.
    I've unlocked the skill required to build "Perfect Planks"however the option doesn't appear in the craft work-bench.

    I get a pop-up saying; "Doubled Recipe for Quality Plank, please contact developers about it".

    Screenshots attached below.
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  5. Jericho Stryker added a post in a topic Fell through the world Zeus   

    Have you tried the entering "/unstuck" in the chat menu by pressing Enter?
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