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  1. Pistol Preacher added a topic in Bugs   

    Old bug that needs fixing: quicklaunch box not allowing replacement of broken weapons
    In the quick launch windows at the bottom of my screen I keep weapons, tools, meds etc. for fast use/switch.
    When a weapon breaks I (i.e. Machete) I go into my inventory where I have 4 more waiting (cause weapons break so fast in this game I have to carry 5 just to do 1 exploration quest). I remove the damaged weapon from my quick launch box/window and replace it with an unbroken weapon.
    Problem: The moment I click my quick launch button to equip the new machete it reverts back to the old broken one. The only way to fix this is to throw away the broken one or go to inventory to equip an unbroken one and never switch to another weapon or tool. If I switch the moment I want to go back to my machete I have to go into inventory to switch it to an unbroken machete.
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  2. Pistol Preacher added a topic in Bugs   

    Transporter/Exit Arrow fails on first try
    Chain of events:
    1 log in.
    2 enter transport/exit arrow location Hit (M) to activate transporter map.
    3 attempt to go to another map using crosshairs like usual followed by mouseclick.  Nothing works, tried multiple ways to get it to activate.
    4 Current workaround:  If I hit [esc] to exit map view and then immediately reenter map view (without leaving the transporter area) it works like normal. it continues to work as normal until you log out. When you log back into the game, you must use the first time workaround again.
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  3. Pistol Preacher added a topic in Bugs   

    Market Sell function crash to log-in
    I have created a market on BOB server.  Every attempt to put items up for sale has failed:
    1 drag and drop function works
    2 price input works
    3 I didn't change other presets
    4 I hit "sell" button and the game goes into thinking mode (rotating line/circle cursor in center of space in "sell" window) and then I get a server disconnect countdown and I get disconnected back to login. Tried 3 times with same result and twice I closed the game to desktop just to make sure.
    5 upon return to the game, the item that I attempted to sell was gone from my inventory but was not available on the market window to purchase.  Basically my items fell through a black hole.  I tried multiple combinations trying to get my items to appear but none worked.
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  4. Pistol Preacher added a topic in Bugs   

    Item options not responding to new keybinds
    Items (such as doors, trees, etc) which have been selected using the use/interact key (normally (E)) do not respond to new keybinds when trying to scroll left or right through the option selections.
    Default is (A) or (D) which are the normal movement keys for right-handed people.  Left-handed people use (J) and (K), unfortunately the highlight cursor does not respond to any keys but A and D requiring switching one's hand to the A and D keys to select which function you want (such as lock the door or open the door).
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  5. Pistol Preacher added a topic in Bugs   

    [UI] Player created chests/boxes scrollable lists
    When using chests/boxes/containers: After scrolling down to find an item: When you click on an item to move it to inventory the list resets to the top requiring you to rescroll down to get to the item again.  This occurs after each click to move the item again. Moving 40 items would require 40 scrolls and 40 clicks to move the batch of items. 
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  6. Pistol Preacher added a post in a topic Graphics bugs   

    In addition to what is shown here you have hairstyles showing through helmets, headgear, etc.  I tried 2 different types of headgear (robbers hat and warp helmet).
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  7. Pistol Preacher added a post in a topic changing controls   

    Really looking forward to in-game controls, As a left-handed player, trying to use these controls is extremely difficult.
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  8. Pistol Preacher added a post in a topic Pistol Preacher   

    I swung by wellsprings to follow up on the Wellsprings Crash location.  After multiple attempts all around wellsprings, I have found that the crash occurs throughout the town entry areas and is non-specific as to exact location.  At this point the area is nearly an automatic CTD.  Also, I have the module to complete the quest, but the quest says I still need to get it from the robot.  Can't get to the bot now and cant complete the quest.
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  9. Pistol Preacher added a topic in Bugs   

    Pistol Preacher
    There is a spot near wellsprings that causes a CTD. Due to the crash I cannot get a screenshot, but the location is between the wall of wellsprings and the spider eggs quest location marker on the map. Approximately 15 feet from where the wall and rock meet, 45 degree angle from that corner.
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